Adult Psychotherapy & Counseling

Dr. Rochmes offers both long-term and brief problem-focused psychotherapy to adults and couples. Long-term therapy aims at changing patterns of self-defeating behavior and healing one’s relationship with oneself, one’s partner, and others. Problem- focused therapy aims at improving how an individual or couple is managing a specific current situation, for example, job-related stress or issues of aging.

Dr. Rochmes sees psychotherapy as an intensive process requiring a high level of involvement and regular, typically weekly or more frequent, meetings, between therapist and client. When doing couples therapy, he usually works with the couple together as a unit.

Dr. Rochmes also offers counseling, which typically focuses on a specific life problem or issue, such as making an important decision. Counseling may use many of the same methods as therapy. It differs in that a counselor draws on acquired expertise in specific areas and acts more as an advisor than does a therapist.